pyK-Control 2400

pyK-Control 2400 is a serial port controller and communicator for the Keithley 2400 SourceMeter written in python using the GTK+3 framework. ¬†It’s main purpose is to configure and run current or voltage sweeps from a convenient software interface. The current release, 1.0 alpha, has been tested in Debian GNU/Linux and Windows XP. Installation information can be found in the README file after downloading.

Features (as of version 1.0 alpha):

  • Sweep either current or voltage using built-in sweep functions of meter or by setting each source value incrementally and reading back the results (manual sweep).
  • Sense voltage, current, and/or resistance
  • See results of sweep in a graph in real time (manual mode) or at the end of each sweep (built-in mode)
  • Data table updates as data becomes available
  • Built-in terminal allows any command to be sent directly to the meter and monitoring of all communication with the meter
  • Interactive virtual panel allows controlling the meter by pressing virtual buttons just as though you were sitting at the actual device panel.
  • Ability to save and load program configurations files
  • Extensive debug output right in the program shows you if communication or program errors are occurring.
  • Perform 2-wire or 4-wire measurements
  • Configurable serial port options
  • Select from multiple system serial ports
  • Full or half loop sweeps
  • Program any number of sweeps to occur in succession with a programmable delay between each
  • Average readings at each point
  • Set source and sense ranging and current/voltage protection limits
  • Perform linear or logarithmic sweeps (built-in mode only)
  • Graph can be saved in jpg or png format
  • Completely customizable data file export format (as plain text)
  • Copy and paste data or graph
  • Last command sent is displayed in status bar, along with reply and any error
  • Graph appearance (colors, line widths, etc.) is customizable
  • Ability to automatically send most of the meter’s query commands and see the result

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